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Surveillance and Investigation


Front Range Investigations has completed over 2000 successful surveillances that produce proof of fraud, false workmen’s compensation claims, theft, illegal activity, and infidelity. Highly trained and experienced investigators produce results while maintaining confidentiality, ensuring secrecy, and preventing liability. Video and detailed written records give our clients irrefutable evidence of the truth.

Investigators are trained to respect the privacy rights of individuals under investigation. In fact, Front Range Investigations has never been accused of wrongdoing or violating any person’s individual rights. No legal action has ever been taken against Front Range Investigations or any of its investigators in decades of surveillance experience.

Front Range Investigations combines the latest video and surveillance technologies with proven and persistent surveillance techniques to uncover and document the truth. Our investigators are experienced, efficient, and dependable who have the skill to document the evidence and the savvy to serve as effective court witnesses.

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Surveillance is especially effective in cases of:

insurance fraud

workman’s compensation fraud



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